# Participation Requirements and Fees

# Participation Requirements

Full participation is available to ECIA and GEDA members. Other distributors may participate but will be limited to displaying only the inventory from ECIA manufacturer members for which they are authorized.

# Annual Participation Levels and Fees

Fees such as Annual Website Participation fees, pay-per-click (PPC) fees, and setup fees are set by the ECIA Distributor Council for each calendar year for each region. The 2021 basic-level participation fees and free clicks for members are as follows:

Participation Type Cost Clicks Included Per Month
ECIA Member (Basic) $2,000 1,600
GEDA Member $25,000 10,000
Non-Member Americas Region Varies based on annual revenue 1,600
Non-Member Non-Americas Regions $4,000 N/A

# Other Participation Levels

The following participation levels are also available:

  • Global and regional sponsorships.
  • Higher tiers for ECIA member distributors to increase the number of clicks they may receive before the pay-per-click fee is applied.

# Additional Notes

  • There is a one-time set-up fee of $1,000 to cover the on-boarding cost for new participating distributors.
  • After exceeding the number of free clicks for their participation level, a $0.25 pay-per-click (PPC) fee is billed monthly. If the PPC fee is not paid within 60 days, the distributor will no longer be displayed in search results after the number of free clicks is reached in a given month.
  • Participation fees may vary by region. There is currently no additional participation fee for adding Americas-based participants to other regions.

For more information about participation levels and pricing, please contact vmeijers@ecianow.org.

# Sponsorship

To be a site sponsor, the distributor must be a member of ECIA or GEDA. Sponsorship fees are established by the ECIA Distributor Council annually and are in addition to the annual website participation fee.

For more information about becoming a site sponsor please contact vmeijers@ecianow.org.

# Advertising Policy

Advertising is accepted on the website only from distributor members of ECIA or GEDA and manufacturer members of ECIA. Advertising from other parties is considered if the advertiser and the content are judged to be in the best interest of ECIA members.

All advertising and page links in advertising are subject to editorial review. Ads and linked pages may not advocate, suggest, support, condone, or facilitate buying from any source other than a factory authorized distributor.

All links in ads must open a new tab or new window. There is also the option to link to the manufacturer landing page on TrustedParts.com where additional content could be provided.

For more information advertising on TrustedParts.com, please contact vmeijers@ecianow.org.

The Trusted Source for Authorized Inventory

TrustedParts.com was created by ECIA in collaboration with participating distributors as a free service to support the authorized electronic components industry by giving users access to aggregated price and availability data for genuine parts from only authorized sources.

While other inventory aggregation sites may include data from sources that are not authorized by the manufacturer, ECIA works extensively on an ongoing basis to verify that price and availability data displayed on TrustedParts.com is only for products for which the distributors are authorized/franchised. This is why TrustedParts.com is the best source for searching the authorized channel for the electronic components you need.
Membership in ECIA is not required to participate on the site.

To learn more about how to list your inventory, or to view our Terms of Use and other information related to participating on TrustedParts.com, please visit our documentation for participating distributors.

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