# Distributor Portal

The Distributor Portal allows distributors to retrieve up-to-date metrics and information regarding their participation in TrustedParts.com. It also allows for distributors to make needed configuration adjustments to their integration. The Distributor Portal provides the following features and more:

  • Review participation status in each TrustedParts.com region
  • Review manufacturer authorizations
  • Review file import history and API performance (if applicable)
  • Download search/click analytics reports Map their manufacturer names to the manufacturers on TrustedParts.com (unmapped manufacturer names may not display in search results)

# Distributor Portal Access

# If you do not have a user account:

  1. Register (opens new window) for a new account, and verify your email address.
  2. Follow the instructions below for users who already have an account.

# If you have a user account:

  1. Sign in (opens new window) to your account. This takes you to the My Account page.
  2. Select the Additional Features tab.
  3. Under Features You May Request, click the Distributor Portal link.
  4. Fill out and submit the request form.

# Distributor Status

The Distributor Status section of the Distributor Portal lists a distributor's participation level and import file size limit in each of the TrustedParts.com regions.

# API Performance

For distributors who provide an API for real-time searching, the API Performance section of the Distributor Portal allows a distributor to evaluate the performance of their API. The following metrics are provided:

  • Avg Duration: Over the past 24 hours, this indicates the average number of milliseconds that elapsed before a search response from the distributor's API could be rendered. Please note that this number includes network latency between the TrustedParts.com data center and the distributor's data center. It also includes a few milliseconds needed, typically less than 10, to process the response. So, this number will be larger than what the distributor may observe for average response time on their end. However, given that latency and the amount of time it takes to process a response are typically small and remain mostly static, the bulk of this number and any variability is likely attributable to the distributor's API.
  • Search Count: The total number of searches executed against the distributor's API in the past 24 hours
  • Abort Count: The total number of searches where the call to the distributor's API had to be aborted due to not receiving a response within three seconds.
  • Error Count: The total number of searches where the call to the distributor's API resulted in an error, such as a 500 server error. If TrustedParts.com detects a high number of aborts and/or errors for a distributor's API, it will automatically suspend use of that API for a period of time. Whenever this occurs, the distributor's technical contacts are notified so that they can investigate and address the problem.

For API distributors who also supply a file feed, when an abort or error occurs, TrustedParts.com will automatically display search results from the distributor's file feed.

# File Import History

The File Import History section of the Distributor Portal allows a distributor to review the import history of inventory files they submit for any of the TrustedParts.com regions along with the number products that were imported. This section also indicates the status of a distributor's feed. If no files have been supplied in the past few days, a warning status will be displayed. If no files have been supplied for 10 days or more, it will indicate that the distributor's feed has expired and is no longer being included in search results.

The Other Links and Reports section of the Distributor Portal provides a distributor the ability to download search/click analytics reports, view current manufacturer authorizations, and manage mappings of manufacturer names.

# Search/Click Analytics Report

Downloading this report allows distributors to view TrustedParts.com search and click activity for their authorized parts manufacturers. These reports include details such as Website Searches, View/Buy Links Clicked, Popular Searches and more. The default settings for this report display the previous month’s search and click activity for all applicable regions. However, these settings can be adjusted to filter a variety of time frames and regions.

# Authorized Manufacturers Report

The Authorized Manufacturers Report indicates which manufacturers a distributor is authorized for in each region. Click View Report to view and edit the authorization status of a manufacturer and to send required proof of authorization.


Show Status. By default, all authorization statuses are displayed. Use the Show Status dropdown to filter to Authorized (A), Unauthorized (U), or Not Set (N) statuses.

Note: TrustedParts.com search results are not rendered for manufacturers with a Not Set authorization status until proof that the distributor is authorized is provided.

Filter by Manufacturer Name. To view a specific manufacturer, type the name in the Filter by Manufacturer Name field.

Click Clear Filter to remove all filters.


To edit a manufacturer’s authorization status for a particular region, click on the authorization status and select another status.

Note: Changing a manufacturer to Authorized opens the Authorization Proof Pop-Up.


Changing a manufacturer’s authorization status to Authorized opens the Authorization Proof Pop-Up where proof can be submitted electronically to TrustedParts.com:

  1. Select the applicable region(s).
  2. In the drop-down box, select the authorization proof type being submitted.
  3. Provide the proof of authorization:
    • If applicable, upload the cover letter or email from the manufacturer.
    • If applicable, paste or type the URL of the page on the manufacturer's website that clearly indicates proof of authorization.
  4. Add comments (optional).
  5. Click Submit to send the authorization proof to TrustedParts.com, or Cancel to close the pop-up without submitting proof.

Note: Submitting authorization proof flags the current status as Requested until it is processed by TrustedParts.com.


If available, proof of authorization can be viewed by clicking the "?" icon next to the authorization status. Clicking this opens the Authorization Proof Pop-Up. This pop-up includes:

  • Proof type
  • Uploaded file or web address, depending on proof type
  • Proof expiration, if applicable
  • Comments

# Manufacturer Mappings

This feature allows a distributor to map their manufacturer names to TrustedParts.com manufacturer names. Please follow the instructions indicated on the page to map distributor manufacturer names to TrustedParts.com manufacturer names. It is important to regularly check this page for un-mapped manufacturer names since results for un-mapped manufacturers will not be displayed on TrustedParts.com. By default, the feature displays only un-mapped manufacturer names, but a distributor may review all of their mappings by changing the filter selection to All and clicking Search.

If you find that a manufacturer is missing from TrustedParts.com or is incorrectly named, please inform us using the email link on the page.

A distributor should be careful to make accurate mappings. For instance, where a manufacturer has multiple brands, it is important to map each manufacturer name to the appropriate brand. This allows manufacturer filters and authorizations to be correctly applied. Please note that all mappings performed here will be reviewed by TrustedParts.com administrative personnel. Incorrect mappings will be identified and discarded. Where a distributor knowingly makes incorrect mappings in an attempt to avoid lines for which they are unauthorized, their participation in TrustedParts.com may be reviewed.

# Manufacturer Landing Pages

This utility allows a distributor to add a unique URL that will serve as the landing page on their web site for a specific manufacturer. That link will be used on the TrustedParts.com page for the corresponding manufacturer. For example, if a distributor is authorized for Amphenol and has a page on their site for that manufacturer, they may enter that landing page URL. On the TrustedParts.com page for Amphenol (opens new window), the distributor's name will then be a link to their Amphenol landing page.

If the Manufacturer Landing Page field is left blank, the home page URL for the distributor will be used on the corresponding TrustedParts.com manufacturer page.

Changes made to this field are automatically saved upon modification.

# Support Status

The Support Status section of the Distributor Portal allows a distributor to view how many free hours of TrustedParts.com technical support their participation level includes as well as how many support hours have been used during the calendar year. Any support hours in excess of the free hours will be billed at the rate indicated.

# FTP File Upload Details

This section provides the information needed to use the TrustedParts.com FTP site. If you experience problems using our FTP site, first verify that you are entering the correct credentials. To display your username and password, click on the text click here to unmask username/password. Re-click this link to hide your credentials.

This section also has a link to our documentation on How to Upload File Feeds Using Windows File Explorer.

Issues with our FTP site not resolved by inputting the correct credentials and reviewing our documentation may be submitted to tech@trustedparts.com.

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