# Distributor Integrations

When signing up to be onboarded to TrustedParts.com, a distributor needs to provide certain information and a choice of integration method. The information needed is as follows:

  • Exact distributor name
  • Distributor contact(s) to receive TrustedParts.com reports (name, email)
  • Distributor technical contact(s) (name, email)
  • URL to distributor website home page
  • Distributor website part search URL format with designated part number token (used for the ‘see more results…’ link that appears with a distributor’s results; an example might be mywebsite.com/search/)
  • Transparent PNG distributor logo (ideal width to height ratio is 2.4 to 1)
  • Manufacturer authorizations TrustedParts.com supports two methods to search distributor inventory: API and file feed.

API integrations are available only for web site sponsors. Please see API Integrations for information on how to provide inventory to TrustedParts.com using an API. A distributor who provides an API integration must also supply a file feed that can be used for bot searches and fail-over when the distributor API is unreachable.

Please see File Feeds for information on how to provide inventory to TrustedParts.com using a file feed.

The overall process for onboarding a distributor is similar regardless of the chosen method of integration. The distributor will first be set up on the TrustedParts.com staging system (staging.trustedparts.com). Search results and performance are reviewed and approved on the staging system. Finally, set up is performed on the TrustedParts.com production system. After onboarding is complete, obtaining access to the Distributor Portal allows a distributor to perform additional configuration and monitor the status, availability and analytics of their inventory on TrustedParts.com. Use of the Distributor Portal is strongly encouraged since it allows distributors to ensure that their results display when appropriate.

# File Feeds

A distributor should provide a file feed for each region it participates in on TrustedParts.com. Even distributors that use the TrustedParts.com API for their primary integration should provide a file feed for each region they particpate in. Sample file feeds must be supplied by the distributor before onboarding can begin.

In some cases, a file feed for one region may be used for multiple regions. For example, some distributors may supply a single Asia file that can be used for the TrustedParts.com regions of Asia Pacific, China, and Japan. If you would like to use a single file to service multiple regions, please let TrustedParts.com support personnel know and we will make the needed configuration, if necessary.

Please see Business Rules for TrustedParts.com Search Results for information on how inventory is used and requirements for stock quantities.

# File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Site

After being onboarded, a distributor will be given file transfer protocol (FTP) login credentials in order to upload file feed(s) to the TrustedParts.com FTP:


Daily uploads are preferred. If 10 days or more elapse before the distributor supplies another file feed for a region, the distributor’s inventory in that region will no longer be searched by TrustedParts.com.

Note: Scheduled maintenance for ftp://ftp.trustedparts.com occurs every Tuesday 20:30-20:45 UTC.

# File Feed Content


File feeds must use the comma-separated values (CSV) format. TrustedParts.com uses the RFC recommended format for CSV. Please see the RFC documentation (opens new window) for information about how your CSV file should be formatted and how to deal with special cases like commas or double quotes within fields.

The first row of the CSV formatted file should contain the column names that are included. Optional columns may be omitted or left blank. The exact spelling and case-sensitivity outlined for column headings are mandatory.


We require the file names to include their assigned prefixes (see below). However, distributors that wish to include timestamps or other metadata for the purpose of tracking and differentiating files may insert additional information after the indicated file name prefix. For example:

  • Original file name: ECIAGlobalStandardRegion3.zip

  • New file name with additional details inserted: ECIAGlobalStandardRegion3_20201218071236.zip

Note: Files must have either .csv or .zip extension. Compressed files are preferred.

Region File Name Prefix Sample File
Americas ECIAGlobalStandardRegion1 Download
China ECIAGlobalStandardRegion2 Download
APAC ECIAGlobalStandardRegion3 Download
EMEA ECIAGlobalStandardRegion4 Download
Japan ECIAGlobalStandardRegion5 Download

# Data Fields – All Regions

Required fields are bolded

Column Description
DistributorPartNumber Distributor’s product number
ManufacturerPartNumber Manufacturer’s product number
Manufacturer Manufacturer name
Description Description of the product
RoHS RoHS compliant (“Y”, “N” or blank)
DatasheetUrl A link to the distributor or manufacturer website for a product datasheet
ProductUrl A link to a product detail page on the distributor’s website
QuantityAvailable Quantity of product under the control of the distributor, not committed to a customer, and able to ship within 24 hours. Please verify that the quantity included here cannot be more accurately categorized as another type of inventory - for example drop-ship or factory stock.
Availability* *This field is deprecated. A textual stock note is no longer supported. Please indicate additional availability information by filling in additional inventory quantity and the factory lead time fields.
PriceQuantity Price break quantities (can include up to 8 quantities that corresponds to Price values). Quantities will be pipe-delimited. Example: 1|25|50
ProductCategory A single product category or hierarchy of categories. Hierarchies must be pipe-delimited, ordered from top to bottom: The first category level would be the most generic (or "root") category. Subsequent category levels would become more specific, ending in the most specific (or "leaf") category. Example: Connectors|Power Connectors|High-Performance Power Entry Modules
PackageTypes Packaging types that are available for this SKU, if any. If you use a different SKU per packaging type of the same component, you will only supply one value here. Only distributors who offer multiple packaging types for the same internal SKU will need to include multiple values here. Types will be pipe-delimited. Example: Cut Tape|Tape & Reel
PackageMinimumQuantities Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this SKU. The number of values supplied here should match the number of values supplied for the PackageTypes field. Quantities will be pipe-delimited. Example: 1|10000
DropShipQuantity Quantity of product physically located in a third-party warehouse, but under the control of the distributor, and can ship within 72 hours.
ValueAddQuantity Quantity of product that requires some assembly/value-add prior to shipment, but all the materials necessary to build it are in stock.
OnOrderQuantity Distributor has ordered this product from the factory, and it is not yet committed to a customer.
FactoryStockQuantity Quantity of factory stock. Factory Stock should never be included as actual stock or any other type of inventory.
IsDuplicateStock If the quantity included in the QuantityAvailable field is shared with another brand, only one brand may indicate it as unique. Other brands must indicate that it is duplicate. This field should contain a "Y" if the inventory is duplicate or a “N” to indicate it is unique.
FactoryLeadTime Indicate the factory lead time before additional inventory is available. Input a number followed one of the following time intervals: "Days", "Weeks", or “Months”. For example, this field could contain “16 Weeks”. If an interval is omitted then "Weeks" is the default. If the factory lead time is unknown, please leave this field blank.

See also Inventory Requirements and Definitions.

# Price Fields by Region

Price columns must use the international number format and exclude currency symbols. All price columns are optional, pipe delimited with a maximum of 8 values. Example: 0.50|0.35|0.25

Region Column Description
Americas USD_Price Price in US Dollars
CAD_Price Price in Canadian Dollars
MXN_Price Price in Mexican Pesos
BRL_Price Price in Brazilian Reals
China USD_Price Price in US Dollars
CNY_Price Price in Renminbi
APAC USD_Price Price in US Dollars
AUD_Price Price in Australian Dollars
EMEA USD_Price Price in US Dollars
EUR_Price Price in EURO
GBP_Price Price in British Pounds
Japan USD_Price Price in US Dollars
JPY_Price Price in Japanese Yen

# How to Upload File Feeds Using Windows File Explorer

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is designed to transfer files over the Internet. Files stored on an FTP server can be accessed using an FTP client or a command line interface.

Ideally, participating distributors should use a scheduled, automated service developed by their IT personnel to push files to the TrustedParts.com FTP server. However, if you need to place a file on the TrustedParts.com FTP server manually, this documentation outlines how to use Windows File Explorer as an FTP client. However, numerous other applications are available that can also be used as FTP clients.

# Adding the TrustedParts.com FTP Shortcut

# Access the Add Network Location Wizard

Launch a File Explorer window by clicking the File Explorer shortcut (folder icon) in the taskbar or by pressing Win + E. Then, in the left pane, right-click This PC and select Add a network location. This opens the Add Network Location Wizard.

Network Location

# Use the Wizard to add the TrustedParts.com FTP address and your user name

  1. On the welcome pane of the Add Network Location Wizard, click Next.

    Add Network Location Wizard

  2. Select Choose a custom network location, then click Next.

    Create Network Location

  3. Enter ftp://ftp.trustedparts.com in the Internet or network address field. Click Next.

    Specify Location

  4. Uncheck the box Log on anonymously and enter your user name in the field provided. (Note: Your user name can be found on the Distributor Portal page.) Click Next.

    Specify User

  5. Optional: Name your shortcut. (Example: “My ECIA FTP”.) Click Next.

    Name Location

  6. To complete the FTP setup, click Finish.


# Connecting to and Uploading a File Feed to the TrustedParts.com FTP Site

After adding the TrustedParts.com FTP shortcut as detailed above, follow these steps to connect to it and upload a file:

  1. Connect to the TrustedParts.com FTP server by clicking the shortcut in the left pane of a File Explorer window.


  2. When prompted, enter your password in the Log On As box. (Skip this step later by checking the Save password box.) Click Log On.

    Log On

  3. Launch a second File Explorer window by right clicking the File Explorer shortcut (folder icon) in the taskbar and selecting File Explorer. Then, in the left pane of the File Explorer window, navigate to the location of the file(s) you need to upload.

    New File Explorer

  4. Drag, or copy and paste, your file(s) from the second File Explorer window into the first File Explorer (FTP) window. Note: Since large files can take time to upload, do not close the File Explorer windows or copy other files until the upload is completed.


# Deleting the TrustedParts.com FTP Site Shortcut

If you no longer need to manually upload files to the TrustedParts.com FTP site, you can delete the network location that was created for that purpose. Launch a File Explorer window. Then and right click on the FTP shortcut and select Delete.


# API Integrations

API integrations allow for real-time pricing and availability. To use an API to integrate inventory into TrustedParts.com, a distributor will need to provide comprehensive API documentation and a technical contact to work with. An initial review of the documentation will be performed by TrustedParts.com to determine if the API supports the necessary functionality for integration.

The documentation should include response times for single-part partial match searches and multi-part exact match searches that include up to 100 parts at a time. The average response time for a single-part partial match search needs to be less than once second. The average response time for a multi-part exact match search for 100 part numbers should not exceed 10 seconds. These response times should be sustainable under a load of up to 20,000 searches per hour (each part number in a multi-part search is counted as a separate search). A call to a distributor’s API may be aborted if it does not respond within the time parameters mentioned above. Additionally, when a distributor’s API performs poorly, its use may automatically be temporarily suspended by TrustedParts.com and the distributor’s file feed will be used for the duration of the suspension. If that occurs, the distributor and TrustedParts.com personnel are notified.

NOTE: API integrations are only available for distributors that participate at a sponsorship level. Depending on the sponsorship level, a distributor may be charged an hourly rate for time spent by the TrustedParts.com technical team for integration.

Please see Business Rules for TrustedParts.com Search Results for information on how inventory is used and requirements for stock quantities.

Where an API integration is used, a file feed of the distributor’s inventory must also be supplied to TrustedParts.com. Doing so serves two purposes: 1) as a fallback in order to render results for search requests when a distributor’s API is unreachable, and 2) to render results to legitimate web crawlers instead of sending those requests to the distributor’s API.

Please see File Feeds for information on how to provide inventory to TrustedParts.com using a file feed.

Please see Business Rules for TrustedParts.com Search Results for information on how inventory is used and requirements for stock quantities.

The Trusted Source for Authorized Inventory

TrustedParts.com was created by ECIA in collaboration with participating distributors as a free service to support the authorized electronic components industry by giving users access to aggregated price and availability data for genuine parts from only authorized sources.

While other inventory aggregation sites may include data from sources that are not authorized by the manufacturer, ECIA works extensively on an ongoing basis to verify that price and availability data displayed on TrustedParts.com is only for products for which the distributors are authorized/franchised. This is why TrustedParts.com is the best source for searching the authorized channel for the electronic components you need.
Membership in ECIA is not required to participate on the site.

To learn more about how to list your inventory, or to view our Terms of Use and other information related to participating on TrustedParts.com, please visit our documentation for participating distributors.

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