# Business Rules for TrustedParts.com Searches

Here you will find material that governs how distributor inventory is processed and displayed in search results on TrustedParts.com. Reviewing this information will help to ensure a distributor is working in harmony with TrustedParts.com direction, maximizing inventory exposure, and contributing to the most productive user experience.

Only inventory that a distributor is contractually authorized by the manufacturer to sell shall be rendered in the TrustedParts.com system.

Please see Manufacturer Authorizations for information on how manufacturer authorizations are determined.

# Search Results

The following are the rules for how inventory appears in TrustedParts.com search results:

  • Single part search results for TrustedParts.com are obtained by simultaneously querying inventory provided by all participating distributors within the region selected by the user.
  • To protect the global pricing policies and contractual obligations of manufacturers, distributor prices are only displayed when the site Region is set to where the user is located. If the user selects a different region, an message suggests that the user visit their actual region to view pricing. Note: The exception is that users from China and APAC (excluding Australia and New Zealand) may view Americas pricing.
  • To enhance user satisfaction, exact matches, unique stock, and parts that are in stock are displayed with higher prioritization within each tier of search results. The system randomly determines the display order in cases where the same part number is offered by multiple participating distributors.
  • A maximum of 25 results for each distributor will display.
  • Optionally, a link may be included to all results on the distributor’s website.

Similar rules affect how inventory is provided in other search tools within TrustedParts.com, namely, the multi-part (BOM) and the Distributor Stock Search (DSS). However, not all prioritization rules apply to each search tool given some unique requirements. For results provided through the TrustedParts.com API, the customer has full control over how results are presented.

# Inventory Requirements and Definitions

Our goal is to provide buyers with consistent, clear, and reliable information. To facilitate that, TrustedParts.com has established some requirements and guidelines on how distributors may list different types of inventory.

# Actual Stock

An inventory quantity is considered to be actual stock if it is supplied in the stock field of a distributor's file feed. For the standard file format, this is the QuantityAvailable field. Before supplying a quantity in that field, please ensure that the inventory is under the control of the distributor, not committed to a customer, and able to ship in 24 hours. Please also ensure that it does not fit the definition of one of the other types of inventory outlined below.

# Other Type of Inventory

Other types of inventory can be listed on TrustedParts.com, but they cannot be included in the actual stock field of your feed. The following types of inventory can be supplied in the feed fields designated for them:

  • Drop-Ship: The inventory is physically located in a third-party warehouse, but it is under the control of the distributor and can ship within 72 hours.
  • On Order: The distributor has ordered this product from the factory, and it is not yet committed to a customer.
  • Value-Add/Can Build: The item requires some assembly/value-add prior to shipment and therefore has a lead-time, but all the materials necessary are in the distributor’s stock.
  • Factory Stock: The item is physically located at the manufacturer’s facility. It is not committed to any distributor or other customer.

# Multi-Brand Inventory

If two or more participating distributors (or two or more divisions within the same company) list the same physical inventory as actual stock, one of the brands may claim it as unique stock, but others must use the Duplicate field of the feed to indicate the inventory is duplicate.

# Product Descriptions

You may supply a description for each product in your feed. However, this field should not be used for advertising, offering discounts, or other promotional information. It should only contain actual product descriptions.

# Consequences for Non-Compliance

Distributors not in compliance with the site rules may be subject to the following actions:

  1. ECIA will send a notice to the distributor outlining how they are non-compliant and request that the issue be rectified within 15 days.
  2. If the distributor is still not in compliance after 15 days, a second notice will be sent and the distributor will be dropped to the bottom of the TrustedParts.com search results.
  3. If the distributor is still not in compliance 15 days after the second notice is sent, for the next 30 days the distributor's results will no longer show any inventory (stock) data. Additionally, the “Buy” buttons will be replaced with “View” buttons. After 30 days the inventory data and “Buy” buttons can be reinstated if it can be demonstrated that the distributor is in compliance with the site rules.

Participation fees are not refunded due to non-compliance.

The Trusted Source for Authorized Inventory

TrustedParts.com was created by ECIA in collaboration with participating distributors as a free service to support the authorized electronic components industry by giving users access to aggregated price and availability data for genuine parts from only authorized sources.

While other inventory aggregation sites may include data from sources that are not authorized by the manufacturer, ECIA works extensively on an ongoing basis to verify that price and availability data displayed on TrustedParts.com is only for products for which the distributors are authorized/franchised. This is why TrustedParts.com is the best source for searching the authorized channel for the electronic components you need.
Membership in ECIA is not required to participate on the site.

To learn more about how to list your inventory, or to view our Terms of Use and other information related to participating on TrustedParts.com, please visit our documentation for participating distributors.

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