# Manufacturer Portal

The Manufacturer Portal allows manufacturers to retrieve up-to-date metrics and information regarding their participation in the TrustedParts.com system. The Manufacturer Portal includes the following features:

  • Review distributor authorizations
  • Download search/click analytics reports

# Manufacturer Portal Access

To access the Manufacturer Portal

# If you do not have a user account:

  1. Register for a new account, and verify your email address.
  2. Follow the instructions below for users who already have an account.

# If You Have a User Account:

  1. Sign in to your account. This takes you to the My Account page.
  2. Select the Additional Features tab.
  3. Under Features You May Request, click the Manufacturer Portal link.
  4. Fill out and submit the request form.

The Links and Reports section of the Manufacturer Portal provides a manufacturer the ability to download search/click analytics reports and view current distributor authorizations.

# Authorized Distributors Report

This report indicates which distributors are authorized for a manufacturer in each region. Only authorized results are provided by the TrustedParts.com system, so it is important to review this report and inform TrustedParts.com using the email link on the page if authorizations are incorrect. Along with indicating authorized or unauthorized, the report also indicates distributors where the authorization status is not set. Results for distributors where the authorization status is not set will not be included in searches until documentation is provided to indicate the distributor is authorized.

# Channel Inventory Profile Tool

Use the Channel Inventory Profile Tool to export your inventory in the channel to Excel (XLSX) files.

This feature is an add-on for the Manufacturer Portal, and you must request and be granted access before you can use it. To request access, please send a message to user-requests@trustedparts.com and indicate that you would like access to the Channel Inventory Profile Tool (CIPT). Please include your username in the request and send it from your business email address. An administrator will review your request and contact you regarding approval.

To see an example of what a Channel Inventory Profile export looks like, please download a sample file. The columns of an exported inventory file contain the following data:

  • Mkt Price Rank: The price rank (ascending) among the distributors for the corresponding part number and price break
  • Part Number
  • Distributor: Typically the distributor name, but if suggested pricing was included, this column will contain the manufacturer name for suggested pricing rows
  • Stock: The number of pieces the distributor currently has in stock
  • Price Break: The number of pieces that must be purchased to get the indicated price
  • Price: The price that corresponds to the Price Break
  • Currency

# Export Parameters

# Select a Region*

Select the region’s inventory to export.

# Select a Distributor

Export inventory from all distributors (default) or select a distributor from the drop-down menu.

# Enter Part Number Prefixes

Export a specific range of parts by entering the start and end values of a part number range. For example, entering “01KTM” as the start value and “BZ33CT” as the end value would export all parts beginning with “01KTM” and “BZ33CT” and all parts numerically and alphabetically between them (0-9 and A-B). As a result, part numbers like “01KTMA” and “BZ122CT33AB” would be included, but “01KTL” and “BZ33CUBB” would not be included. Note: If you have an extensive catalog of parts, you must use part number prefixes to prevent the file from becoming too large. If you attempt to export too many parts at one time, you will get an error and will be prompted to enter a range of part number prefixes that is more specific.

# Compare Suggested Pricing

Include your suggested pricing in the export by selecting and uploading a supported file. This allows you to compare suggested pricing to actual pricing in the channel. To see an example of how your suggested pricing file should be formatted, download a sample file. Regarding the suggested pricing file format, please note the following points:

  • A header row is required; however, the column names in the header row are not significant.
  • The order of the columns is critical:
    • The first column must contain the part number.
    • Subsequent columns must be ordered in pairs (price break, price).
  • The suggested pricing file upload supports up to 5 price breaks.
  • USD is assumed to be the currency for suggested pricing.

# Submit Your Request*

Click Submit Request to put your requested export in the queue. When your export request status is complete, you will be notified by email and you can download your file. On average, it takes 5-10 minutes to process a request. To see the updated status on your request, refresh the page. If your request is not processed in a timely manner, feel free to reach out to us at user-requests@trustedparts.com. After your request is processed, you have 24 hours to download your file before it expires. Note: You can have a maximum of 5 requests queued up at any one time.

*Indicates a required action