# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Distributor Stock Search (DSS)

What is necessary in order for a “Buy” button or “View” button to appear with a search result?

The distributor must provide TrustedParts.com a unique URL (web link) for the product in their inventory feed. If the distributor indicates a quantity in stock in their inventory feed for the product, then a “Buy” button will be displayed. Otherwise a “View” button will be displayed. If a product detail URL is not provided by the distributor in their inventory feed, neither a “Buy” nor a “View” button will appear in search results for that product.

What authorized distributors are included in the partner’s DSS tool?

The list of included authorized distributors is determined by TrustedParts.com. For specific manufacturers, you may refer to the TrustedParts.com manufacturer directory and open that manufacturer's page to see the authorized distributors. Additionally, upon request, distributors who are not TrustedParts.com participants can be included in the DSS results for a manufacturer.

The Trusted Source for Authorized Inventory

TrustedParts.com was created by ECIA in collaboration with participating distributors as a free service to support the authorized electronic components industry by giving users access to aggregated price and availability data for genuine parts from only authorized sources.

While other inventory aggregation sites may include data from sources that are not authorized by the manufacturer, ECIA works extensively on an ongoing basis to verify that price and availability data displayed on TrustedParts.com is only for products for which the distributors are authorized/franchised. This is why TrustedParts.com is the best source for searching the authorized channel for the electronic components you need.
Membership in ECIA is not required to participate on the site.

To learn more about how to list your inventory, or to view our Terms of Use and other information related to participating on TrustedParts.com, please visit our documentation for participating distributors.

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