# What’s New?

You may have noticed that our new BOM tool is loaded with a ton of features. But there’s one feature we’re really excited about: You can now quickly transfer your BOM’s line items to select distributor’s web sites for purchase or a quote. Currently some of our biggest distributors support this feature, and more will soon be joining in.

# Here’s how to do it:

  1. After you add part numbers to the new BOM, in-stock results will include either a shopping cart or a check-mark icon. Check the icons of the parts you want to place in your carts.

    BOM Results

    • Some authorized distributors offer different packaging options (or other variations) for the same part. Click See More to view and select an alternate result:

    BOM See More

  2. Once you’ve selected your parts, click the Carts button at the top of the tool.

    BOM Carts

  3. This opens the Selected Items pop-up which displays a summary of your selections. To view, change quantity, or un-select any results, expand the pane by clicking the “>” that appears before the distributor’s name.

    BOM Selected Items

    • Parts selected using the shopping cart icon BOM Shopping Cart display a “Buy from…” button and are eligible to transfer to the distributor’s site for purchase or quote. Clicking the “Buy from…” button opens the distributor’s web site in a new browser tab and transfers these items to their shopping cart or another tool on their web site:

    BOM Transfer

    • Using the check-mark icon BOM Check-Mark to select multiple parts from a distributor displays a “Visit…” button. Clicking the “Visit…” button takes you to their site, but won’t transfer these items.

# Also, Did You Know…?

Did you know that registering for a free user account gives you access to an even more robust BOM tool? For example, while unregistered users can create a single BOM, registered users can create and save up to 100 BOMs! They can even categorize and quickly find their saved BOMs by assigning them custom names. And soon, registered users will be able to share their BOMs with other registered users for quick collaboration. (Plus, did we already mention that registration is free?) To check our new BOM features, go here, add a few parts, and click the Tutorial button.