The BOM tool just keeps getting better and better: We’re now pleased to introduce its latest feature, BOM sharing!

Have you ever created a BOM, only to be stumped about how best to collaborate on it with someone else? Now check out what you can do with our new BOM sharing feature:

  • Collaborate with multiple colleagues. You can easily — and jointly — review and edit parts and distributors with others.
  • Determine who edits your BOM. As a BOM owner, you can choose to give other users permission to edit your BOM or just view rights.
  • Create a public link. You can let users access to your BOM without a account.

Since only registered users can actually share and edit BOMs, sign up today - registration is free!

# Sharing BOMs - Fast and Easy!

Share a single BOM by clicking the Share button that appears at the top of the tool:

Share Button

Or, share multiple BOMs at once by going to the Saved BOMs tab of the My Account page, checking the boxes of the BOMs you want to share, then clicking the Share BOM button:

Share BOM Button

Then, you can either create a unique link to your BOM that can be copied and shared with anyone...

Create Link

Or, share the BOM with other users by entering their email addresses...

Email Form

Unless your BOM is shared via a unique link, anyone you share it with will need to sign in to to access it. If they don't have an account, they'll need to register. But no worries, registration is fast, easy, and free!

For more details, including instructions on how to manage your shared BOMs, click here.

# Share a BOM Today

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